We support LAN centers on a global basis with over 14 years of experience working with small and large LAN centers, operators, internet cafes, retail businesses, restaurants, hobby stores, colleges, franchises, army locations and more.

We currently offer LAN Center membership in North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia. Learn more at www.lancenters.com.

iGames specializes in experiential marketing for the gaming and technology industry with a broad range of services including live and online event management, promotions, trials and community development programs, to name a few. We can reach gamers at many different touch points and in many different ways: individually, in groups, in-game as well as outside the game play experience.

We offer access to over 1,000 physical points of reach to market your product with material presence, through punctual campaigns or ongoing programs. For more information, go to www.igamesinc.com.

Gamemattr is YOUR gaming resource to find and participate in all types of gaming events including game launch parties, tournaments, shows, contests and LAN parties. Search for events by zip code, game type and event type. Check us out at www.gamemattr.com.